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Tech Books & Resources (2021)

Similar to the personal page, this page helps me keep track of what I read. This is just for the tech books and other media, I use to learn though.


  • Learning Path Go Programming Basics, O’Reilly Safari
    This is an excellent introduction to Go.
    I did not work alongside this course.
    I just watched it at 1.5x to figure out, if learning another language, would require me to once again invest 8-12 months of effort, like I did with programming basics and Python (I’m slow, I know :))
    The answer’s no.
    It’s a positive, ever quickening positive ratchet.
    If I put my mind to it, Go will come in a month of deliberate practice.


  • TDD with Django, from scratch: a beginner's intro to testing and web development, Harry J.W. Percival
    I actually did his 2014 OSCON talk on O’Reilly Safari. But this is the same talk at a different venue, covering the same ground. Using this as a springboard to dive into his book

  • Linux Shell Scripting: A Project-Based Approach to Learning, Jason Cannon
    actually Bash scripting. I worked alongside the course and finished it in three days. It helped me skill up and make a pull request to a large open source project, later that same week.

  • Django Girls Tutorial
    To all the good folk who created this, my heartfelt gratitude.
    This is to me a groundwork laying tutorial.
    I was trying to work through Miguel Grinberg’s Flask Tutorial, but I was getting confused
    Harry Percival’s TDD book also assumes a minuscule amount of familiarity with how Django works.
    The Django Girls tutorial delivers in spades.
    I know for a fact, that tackling the other two books now will be much easier
    Also the fact that this short, little engine that could tutorial is the core bit that drives the whole Django Girls initiative is absolutely, heart-warmingly, amazing!


  • Javascript: The Good Parts, Douglas Crockford
    If you know another language and want to learn JavaScript basics quickly, yet correctly, then this is the book for you.


Here’s the rest of the tech stuff, I read and watched and listened to.