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Tech Books & Resources (2020)

Similar to the personal page, this page helps me keep track of what I read. This is just for the tech books and other media, I use to learn though.




  • Bite Size Bash, Julia Evans

  • How Containers Work, Julia Evans

  • Bash Scripting Fundamentals, Sander van Vugt

  • Advanced Bash Scripting, Sander van Vugt

  • Mastering Regular Expressions, Jeffrey Friedl

  • Mastering Ansible, James Spurin

  • Go Programming Basics, John Graham-Cumming

  • Introduction to SQLite Databases for Python Programming, John Elder

  • The Definitive Guide to SQLite, Grant Allen & Mike Owens

  • Creating a Database with SQLite, Allen Taylor

  • Introducing SQL and Relational Databases, Allen Taylor

  • Intermediate to Advanced SQL: Move Beyond the Basics to Master Complex Concepts, Allen Taylor

  • Become a SELECT Star, Julia Evans

  • Web Almanac, 2020 Edition, the HTTP Archive

  • Modern HTML Email, Jason Rodriguez

Here’s what I read earlier.