Publish! Show Your Work! You Don’t Have Leonardo’s Genius or Luck

Publish your work! Show up and show your work, as consistently as you can!

February 21, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

100 Word Writing Habit

I want to write better. And the best way to do that, is to write more. Thinking about which, immediately kills the urge to write, because I take really long to write anything. And the actual writing, is very arduous to me. So what to do? I guess I need to just lower the bar. Do less. More consistently. And then serendipitiously, as they say, when the student is ready, the master appears....

February 11, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

I Can’t Do This Yet … Updated

Updated version of the post. I seem to have somehow, mangled the old one. I’ll just blame it on the gremlins in the cloud. I’ve been “soft” looking for a job, since the end of last year when I learnt the basics of Python. (Want me to come work with you as a junior developer? Here’s my resume!) And I’ve had rejection after rejection after rejection. I apparently am good....

April 17, 2021 · Mario Jason Braganza

How do we protect our work? How do we get paid for it?

How do we protect our work? How do we get paid for it? (Or is that really the question we should be worried about when seeking to make our mark. And the importance of writing, of showing up, regularly.) This is what I admire about Seth Godin. His unique ability to get to the heart of the question. The question lies in the q & a after this really awesome episode at around the 22....

January 12, 2019 · Mario Jason Braganza