Installing PyCLD3 on an Apple M1 Mac

While building my work product on the fancy-schmancy M1 work Mac, I kept running into clang errors, when I did a pip install Turns out, PyCLD3 would not build. So I did it manually. This tip on Github did the trick We need brew installed. And then we run the following commands in a terminal … brew install protobuf #install protobuf # set various compiler flags export GRPC_PYTHON_BUILD_SYSTEM_OPENSSL=1 export GRPC_PYTHON_BUILD_SYSTEM_ZLIB=1 export CFLAGS='-I /opt/homebrew/opt/protobuf/include' export LDFLAGS=-L/opt/homebrew/opt/protobuf/lib # install pycld3 python3 -m pip install pycld3 And we’re set!...

March 30, 2022

I’ve Joined Scrollstack

I’ve been job hunting for nearly a year and I was resigned to the vagaries of the interview process. Close to 16 interviews later, I was inured to every possible rejection note under the sun. We don’t quite know what to do with you. You’re too slow. It’s us, not you. The position just got filled. While we don’t want you, we assure you, someone else will. I understand it’s a process, that everyone goes through, but I somehow still held hope that someone would inject some humanity into what seems to be a pretty inhumane process....

November 16, 2021

To my Teachers, With Gratitude

Shoutouts of Gratitude to the teachers who I learnt programming from over the past couple of years … Kushal Das, for bringing me in, teaching me the ropes and assuring me there was a place for me here Reuven Lerner, who unravelled Python for me and made me realise that languages were small, and the reason I was struggling was not Python, but because I wanted to understand all of computer science in too short a time frame....

October 27, 2021

Learning Backend WebDev, Log #1


June 7, 2021

A Day of Updates

Could not focus much on programming today. So decided on doing things with Python programs. Nikola Upgrade I use Nikola to generate both my websites. It is an extremely easy to use, no fuss static site generator, which is easy on my server’s resources. Version 8.1.2 was released a few hours ago and I hopped on and installed it. I follow a slightly unconventional upgrade path, because I was terrified of breaking my server in the early days, when I was still learning about how to go about installing things on servers....

November 16, 2020