Dad “He’s dead?” said Princess. […] “Who told you that?” said Grandad. “We keep that name moving in the Overhead,” he said, and it seemed to Princess that the wind in the shutter arrays above her blew more forlornly […] His name is in the code, in the wind, in the rigging, and the shutters. Haven’t you ever heard the saying, ‘Man’s not dead while his name is still spoken’?...

August 25, 2023 · Mario Jason Braganza

Savio, 38 Years, In Memoriam

For the past twenty years, you’ve been the bane of my existence. I slept with the phone by the bedside, never knowing when Mummy would call, and one of us would have to come find you, and dig you out of the newest hole you dug for yourself. And none of those years have been harder, than the one where we were estranged for the past year. Two decades of picking up after you had taken their toll....

October 5, 2022 · Mario Jason Braganza

A Eulogy for Mai

I lost my Mai today. Until my mid 30s, I rued the gulf that stood between Mai and me. While my parents insistence on teaching us English, as our primary language has benefited me immensely, in most everything I do, the one thing that I feel sad about is that I speak my mother tongue (Konkani) in a slow halting manner. 1 Which meant that I never could talk well with my grandmother....

February 24, 2021 · Mario Jason Braganza

You Make Me Feel, So Beautiful!

click to embiggen I have lost my illusions, I have drowned in your words I have left my confusion to a cynical world I am throwing myself at things I don’t understand Discover enlightenment holding your hand You are … So beautiful!

February 17, 2020 · Mario Jason Braganza

Phenomenal Woman

Now you understand Just why my head’s not bowed. I don’t shout or jump about Or have to talk real loud. When you see me passing, It ought to make you proud. I say, It’s in the click of my heels, The bend of my hair, the palm of my hand, The need for my care. ’Cause I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me. — Maya Angelou P.S. Subscribe to my mailing list!...

September 9, 2019 · Mario Jason Braganza

Happy Birthday Abbygail

Click the pic for a larger one Love looks pretty on you. Makes you soft, tender, proud. Makes you sit up and take notice. Gives you a home to set down your things. What a blessing it is, to have music and dancing and poetry. What a gift it is, to look at someone and say, I’m so happy to have found you at last, at last, at long, long last...

July 6, 2019 · Mario Jason Braganza

So God Made a Dog …

God said, ‘I need somebody strong enough to pull sleds and find bombs, yet gentle enough to love babies and lead the blind. Somebody who will spend a day on a couch with a resting head and supportive eyes to lift the spirts of a broken heart.’ So, God made a dog.1 I don’t know the actual source, but I saw it here, years ago ↩︎

September 3, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza

Portraits – Pooja – 2

“One day the sun admitted I am just a shadow. I wish I could show you The infinite incandescence That has cast my brilliant image! I wish I could show you, When you are lonely or in darkness, The Astonishing Light Of your own Being!” — Hafiz

September 3, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza

It’s the Little Things

The little things you say To me, and nobody else Make me feel good The little things you say To me, make me laugh out loud And not when I should That’s why I like to hang out with you I never can guess The next mad thing you’ll do And I like that we’ve made, a mistake or two Together — Mikey McCleary, The Little Things You Do

September 3, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza


Not all superheroes wear capes! Happy birthday, Mummy! Love from Daddy … and the rest of your entire brood!

September 3, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza