If You Want to Invest, Do Not Listen to Your Parents

If you are young, and I mentor you (or not), then this talk is a must watch. Don’t make the mistakes I have. Subra (as usual), fills his 10 minute at IIT Bombay, with wit and humour and wisdom.

November 2, 2019 · Mario Jason Braganza

You Can Be Rich With Goal based Investing

Pattu & Subra (SubraPattu) are the foundation on which all my personal finance and investing knowledge rests. I’ve followed their blogs for years now and learned so much. Between the untold number of categories on the right on Subra’s blog, and the tens of thousands of words & zillions of calculators Pattu has on his, you could be set for months, learning about how to make it, money wise. They have always been generous souls, in deed and spirit....

September 3, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza

Planned your retirement? Watch this!

This post is specially for my young brood. My younger brothers. My cousins. My sisters & brothers in law. The young kids I work with. I’m specially speaking to all you guys. If you think you need, even the slightest idea on why or how to invest and why planning for retirement now is important go watch this, like right now Then get one of those fancy shmancy youtube downloaders, download the videos and keep them safe and then watch them again whenever you get antsy with your money....

September 2, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza

On Insurance and the thoughts behind it

If I haven’t told you to go read Subramoney yet, then you oughta… The man is (to me at least) the Gautam Buddha of personal finance. Parables, stories, shared experiences and a ton of blog entries later, you’ll attain pf awareness :) (pf nirvana? :)) His latest post on insurance is pure gold! Go read. And then subscribe! And then buy his book and make him filthy rich :P

September 1, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza