All About the Move to Hugo

I finally got done, moving the blog from Nikola to Hugo today. I already wrote about why I did it. These are a few more thoughts about what went into the endeavour; and some colophonesque details. One, really small hope, is that it will help me learn Go. The DevOps world that I now seek to enter, speaks Go. I also, now run two Go programs that are indispensible to me, Hugo and Miniflux....

May 13, 2022

Miniflux Service Fails to Start at Boot

Pleased as punch, with my Miniflux instance. RSS, is how I catch up with everything newsy and techy and with what people I want to hear from, have to say. I love it. I did face one teensy issue with it though. Every time I rebooted my machine, the Miniflux service would fail to start. I would just manually do a systemctl restart miniflux and it would start right up, with that innocent doggy face....

May 14, 2020

Stuffing variables into a config file for Miniflux

Something I learnt recently as I moved hosts for my Miniflux instance. I can just take all the variables I want (like feed refresh times, the base url or the address/port Miniflux listens on); and then stuff it into a config file and then launch miniflux like so … miniflux -c 'path/to/file' Pretty handy! P.S. The entire list of variables is here.

September 23, 2019