No Love Is Wasted

via Diane Duane I’m almost 50, and here is the best thing I have learned so far: every strange thing you’ve ever been into, every failed hobby or forgotten instrument, everything you have ever learned will come back to you, will serve you when you need it. No love, however brief, is wasted. (I’d add every act of kindness,random or otherwise, to that list.)

April 13, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

On Things That Last

Just something that kept coming to mind today. I met an old friend the other day. We’d fallen out of touch and gone our separate ways. We were both gifted watches by another friend of ours at the time. And they pointed out to me, I was still wearing the same watch. I gently pointed out to them, that this watch was a different one, something the better half gifted me just after we got married....

March 31, 2023 · Mario Jason Braganza

You Make Me Feel, So Beautiful!

click to embiggen I have lost my illusions, I have drowned in your words I have left my confusion to a cynical world I am throwing myself at things I don’t understand Discover enlightenment holding your hand You are … So beautiful!

February 17, 2020 · Mario Jason Braganza

76 & 40

This birthday is my first without Daddy. And so this post today, because I want these words out of my head and heart, before they overwhelm me. Dad & I have birthdays immediately following each other (the 25th & 26th.) All my birthday memories are inextricably linked with him. Him being indulgent with his firstborn. Him holding me close and sharing his cake with me as I grew. Him taking care of me and letting me crawl into his lap to say our prayers on cold mornings in our small drafty house....

September 3, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza

Daily Writing, 77

The new table goes on for miles and miles :) Thank you mummy! From me and my broken back :)

September 3, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza

Happy Mother’s Day, Mummy!

A day late, but Happy Mother’s day Mummy! Aunty L made me forget yesterday :) Better late than never though! I could not have asked God for a better mummy than you! We love you for all you are and all you do!

September 3, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza

Portraits – Pooja – 2

“One day the sun admitted I am just a shadow. I wish I could show you The infinite incandescence That has cast my brilliant image! I wish I could show you, When you are lonely or in darkness, The Astonishing Light Of your own Being!” — Hafiz

September 3, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza

Seven Years

Randall Munroe posted this yesterday1 methinks, or the day before. And I immediately cried.2 When Abby was diagnosed with cervical cancer two years ago, the docs said we should be grateful, she had the non life threatening kind. Even so, the last two years have been full of ups and downs and lots of uncertainty. (We’ll be at the “How long does it take to read a scan?” stage again soon as we checkup after two years)...

September 3, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza

It’s the Little Things

The little things you say To me, and nobody else Make me feel good The little things you say To me, make me laugh out loud And not when I should That’s why I like to hang out with you I never can guess The next mad thing you’ll do And I like that we’ve made, a mistake or two Together — Mikey McCleary, The Little Things You Do

September 3, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza