Happy Birthday Abbygail

Click the pic for a larger one Love looks pretty on you. Makes you soft, tender, proud. Makes you sit up and take notice. Gives you a home to set down your things. What a blessing it is, to have music and dancing and poetry. What a gift it is, to look at someone and say, I’m so happy to have found you at last, at last, at long, long last...

July 6, 2019 · Mario Jason Braganza

A Eulogy for Nana

Abby lost her grandmother this week. This is her eulogy to her. She was Aunty Matty to other people, mummy to her children and countless other fond names to who knew her. But she was my Nana. I have memories of her cradling me, and taking care of me as a baby. Vacations at Nana’s were the highlight of my childhood years. She was a tireless, hard working woman who raised her large family to the best of her abilities....

April 18, 2019 · Mario Jason Braganza

RIP Nana

You will always be my sweet sixteen, Nana! I love you.

April 15, 2019 · Mario Jason Braganza

Happy Women’s Day!

Like I wrote at the other place, I’ve been hugged and kissed and kicked, and taught and influenced and befriended and loved by so many of you! I would not be me, if it weren’t for you! It’s only grown truer with time. Even more love and gratitude!

March 8, 2019 · Mario Jason Braganza

Thank you, Kushal!

Began reading The Warren Buffett Shareholder today. This is from the preface. Many contributors to this book remark upon Buffetts’s distinctive teaching style, which tends to instruct people how to think rather than what to think. And John Bogle has attended one Meeting, but attests that even one can change your world. A couple of pages later Our premise was that Berkshire’s intrinsic value owes a lot to the Meeting and the shareholder community....

February 12, 2019 · Mario Jason Braganza

The Nicest Thank You Note, Ever

Thank you notes like these only make you fall in love with the folks who do the work. And make you want to support them even more! Thank you, Dan Carlin. For all you do. Brittany Durbin britt@dancarlin.com 5:26 AM (4 hours ago) to me Mario, When people ask us how we fund our operations around here, I usually tell them about our “global street performer” business model. A long time ago I realized that there’s probably not a whole lot of meaningful difference between what I do and what a violin player who finds a nice location on a street corner somewhere, opens up his/her violin case and begins playing does....

January 17, 2019 · Mario Jason Braganza

Au Revoir, BPW

Michel de Montaigne was a year younger than me (thirty eight), when he inscribed this on the wall in his library … In the year of Christ 1571, at the age of thirty-eight, on the last day of February, anniversary of his birth, Michel de Montaigne, long weary of the servitude of the court and of public employments, while still entire, retired to the bosom of the learned Virgins, where in calm and freedom from all cares he will spend what little remains of his life now more than half run out....

November 27, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza


from this beautiful Neil Gaiman poem, illustrated by Chris Riddell You’ve been a far better wife to me, than I a husband to you. You literally are my better half. I hope, I can keep at it though. Like the bible says … Love never fails. But whether there are prophecies, they will fail; whether there are tongues, they will cease; whether there is knowledge, it will vanish away....

September 9, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza

76 & 40

This birthday is my first without Daddy. And so this post today, because I want these words out of my head and heart, before they overwhelm me. Dad & I have birthdays immediately following each other (the 25th & 26th.) All my birthday memories are inextricably linked with him. Him being indulgent with his firstborn. Him holding me close and sharing his cake with me as I grew. Him taking care of me and letting me crawl into his lap to say our prayers on cold mornings in our small drafty house....

September 3, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza

Daily Writing, 77

The new table goes on for miles and miles :) Thank you mummy! From me and my broken back :)

September 3, 2018 · Mario Jason Braganza