French, Week 16

The words to study are getting overwhelming now. Just hope this is temporary. Last week’s mnemonic tip is working wonders though. I am learning and remembering more words faster. And now I see why the app is not yet giving me lots of sentences. It wants me to build up a core vocabulary. And the time I give it is not much. So it will all come with time. (The way the words flow, in my head, is a bit easier now)...

August 24, 2019

French, Week 14

This week was a slog. Kept at it. Specially after reading this. Can understand phrases, here and there now. So, that’s progress. :)

August 10, 2019

French, Week 13

I am beginning to understand sentences a bit. That is all

August 6, 2019

French, Week 12

This was a boring week. But I kept at it. If I think, I have made progress, all I need to do is listen to a podcast. And then I understand how far I still have to go. Still at the stage where I am adding words to my basic vocabulary and doing review. But there is steady, incremental progrgess.

July 27, 2019

French, Week 11

Didn’t listen to podcasts. But kept up with the app. I can now listen to the french sentences in the app and kind of get it. No so yet, with stuff outside. But I somehow think, I’m gaining the teensiest bit of fluency.

July 22, 2019