Learning Backend WebDev, Log #3 - Cross Site Request Forgery

Wasn’t quite well today, so took it slow. The Problem The only thing I managed to learn was what a Cross Site Request Forgery(CSRF) is, and how Django helps protect against it. The Wikipedia page describes it in painstaking detail, and if you want it described a bit more simply, then Jesse Ruderman does an admirable job. Computerphile does an even better job. I am using this analogy in my head....

June 8, 2021

Learning Backend WebDev, Log #2

I miss writing about what I learn. So I am going to try and begin again. I was too focussed on trying to learn all the stuff as quickly as possible, so I can go job hunt. But I realise, I need to strike some sort of balance between learning slow enough, so that I can learn and document and enjoy vs going full tilt to finish up the blocks that I need....

June 7, 2021

Learning Backend WebDev, Log #1


June 7, 2021

Jason Learns Django - 08

And just like that, this little journey ends. What did I do/learn today? Today was all about deployments. Learnt how to use gunicorn along with nginx to deploy my website. Learnt how to hide my secrets outside my code. My first Django site is live! A few reflections. The project was both harder than I thought it would be, and took less time than I thought it would. I know Django now, but I definitely don’t “know” Django....

April 30, 2021

Jason Learns Django - 07

Today was a little easier. What did I do/learn today? Today was about doing contacts in the app that we are building. Registering visitors and stuff The basic flow was generating another app and doing views and models and wiring them up to pages So this felt like revision of all that I’d learnt over the past few days. Stuff makes some more sense now. I think I will be done in a day or two, but I know I have only scratched the surface of Django....

April 29, 2021