Programming, Day 60, Final post. Goals! September 2018, Start

Getting back to life slowly. Abandoning the idea of the daily posts. Too amorphous for me. Doing short 20 hour projects seems to work better for me. To that end, here are my goals for September 20h of emacs - goal - get familiar 20h of Dvorak - goal - get upto 35wpm walk daily - goal - 10000 steps or 90m daily More as I figure this out....

September 8, 2018

Programming, Day 59

Getting better at Dvorak. Not as fast as I like, but I’m getting there.

August 25, 2018

Programming, Day 58

Doubt I’ll ever increase my typing speed by 50% ever again! 😂 ![gt18](images/2018/gt18.jpg)

August 22, 2018

Programming, Day 57

Back to work. Starting slow. Still sick. So all I’m doing is switching to Dvorak and continuing daily progress. BEHOLD! My awesomness at Dvorak! 😂

August 21, 2018

Programming, Day 56

Nothing’ll happen this week pretty much. Dealing with some personal health issues.

August 15, 2018