The Kobo Elipsa 2e, Six Months Later

An update on the Elipsa 2e, six months later and how it has influenced my reading.

February 16, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

Using Regex to Prepend to Titles in Calibre

So I do this peculiar thing, where I prepend the author’s initials to the title of every book I add to Calibre.1 2 And all these years, I’ve just been manually editing the metadata, everytime I added a book, and changing the titles to what I want. It’s not a problem if it’s just one book, but I normally tend to go hogwild with authors, normally buying out / downloading all their work....

November 20, 2021 · Mario Jason Braganza

Reset Confirmations in Calibre

I have been deleting too many books by mistake, now a days. Past Jason might have been pretty sure about what he wanted, but I sure as heck am not. So I had to do a bit of spelunking to figure out how to get the delete book option to confirm first. All I needed to do was Preferences -> Behaviour -> Reset all disabled confirmation dialogs Et voilà, Calibre now asks me if I am sure about deleting my books :)

August 2, 2021 · Mario Jason Braganza