On using the assistive touch buttons on the iPhone.

On the recent episode of ATP, John was talking about iPhone users in Asia, using assistive touch on a daily basis.

As an Indian user, I can confirm that this is indeed true.
I use it.
Most of my friends do.
Some of my clients do too.

While like John suggested, resale value is indeed one of the reasons; that’s not the only (and not the major) reason.

Here’s a few …

  • With iPhones costing upto 40% more, and the median income being much lower than the US, an iPhone represents significant cost of ownership.
  • Apple stores are few and far between
  • Support is terrible. Wait times are measured in weeks.
  • AppleCare+ isn’t available in India. Breakage isn’t covered.

So it’s only natural, that we do all we can, to get the most life out of our phones.

Also, there are people, (we all know them), who use accessibility features as aesthetic preferences :P
Imagine me, I run my iPhone with both assistive touch and reduce motion turned on :)

Oh, and guys, you totally rocked the aftershow. That was 20 minutes of pure gold! :)