On Productive Coding With Pycharm

Buying an IDE, before you’ve even begun learning the language, seems to be rather foolhardy.

But thanks to Paul Everitt and Dmitry Filippov, that’s just what I did.

As part of my look-see mission into the world of Python Programming, I attended the titular, three hour workshop on how to be productive with Pycharm at PyCon India.

Paul in a word is umm, Sheriff Woody on steroids.
He’d explain a module on stage, jump off stage, wander into the rows and then shoot off gunslinger-like.

“Are you OK, buddy? Didja get that?
And you? You OK? Fantaaastic!
How about? Good going, buddy!
And you? You? You? You OK?

And off we would go to the next module.

Dmitry on the other hand is a soft spoken mother hen.
He was going about helping us poor oafs with the goofs that we made or the glitches that would pop up.
Case in point, I could not for the life of me, figure out why my newly created flask app wouldn’t do anything.
Dmitry patiently sat next to me, until we figured that Pycharm had to pull down Flask to my machine and guided me until I had the sucker running.

Between the two of them, guiding and pushing and prodding, this was the fastest three hours of my life!

Oh! And this included a wifi meltdown, where Paul had to wait on stage and tell jokes.
And boy, did he have jokes to tell :)

While we couldn’t complete the full seminar, it was easy to come home and finish it off, because Paul’s generously uploaded the whole thing online here.

The booth was swamped throughout the three days I was there and Paul and Dmitry were swamped, every time I saw them.

Both of them were extremely helpful and kind.

And so here I am now, at home, doing my Jumpstart Course with Michael on my shiny new copy of Pycharm!
And man, if this thing isn’t a really helpful beast!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the young volunteers who tirelessly set the whole thing up, and were constantly helping out.
They were the reason, the whole thing went so smoothly!
More power to them.

Thank you PSSI for Pycon India! This was awesome!