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Programming, Day 51

Upgraded to Nikola v8, b3 today.
And now, I realise the amount of stress, virtual environments like conda and pip, alleviate.
All I had to do was backup my blog, create a new nikola environment and run it against the blog folder.
And while everything went well, I rested easy knowing that I could get everything back to the way it was :)

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Programming, Day 50

It’s taken me 50 days to somehow figure out a way to study.
I still feel like Sisyphus.
But I realise now, that I have the map. The land isn’t large and unknown as I feared earlier.
I just need to keep my head down and take it step by step.

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Programming, Day 48

One way you realise you are making progress is when you realise you’re using the skills you learn elsewhere too.
Finished my duolingo session today with my raw “asdf” touch typing skills. I’m slowly internalising touch typing.
Stil quite aways to go, though :)

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