TIL: The Difference Between a CLI Tool and a Freeze Tool

I keep writing these tiny utilities for myself in Python and while I love writing in Python, I definitely don’t enjoy the little war dance I have to do everytime I want to run it on a new machine. Keeping track of virtual environments, and then installing packages in them, quickly gets tiresome. I want to just run the program once I’m done with it. Like a C program. Or Rust....

March 1, 2023 · Mario Jason Braganza

Why I Use an Online VM

I am fortunate enough, to run most of my life between my local computer and another VM in a cloud. In this day and age of cloud native and serverless, why would anyone choose to run their life off a virtual server aka VM? This post is me, thinking this through. I’ll return to this every now and then, and see if things have changed enough out there, for me to evaluate and make a change....

March 1, 2023 · Mario Jason Braganza

Emacs Can Transparently Encrypt and Decrypt File With Gpg

I’ve been struggling to get org-caldav working on the desktop. Nothing to do with the program itself. It’s excellent, fairly intuitive and really well documented. There just seems to be some gremlin in the works, that does not let the darned calendar see my org files.1 Will keep at it. What this note is for however, was the pleasant realisation that Emacs can transparently work with gpg encrypted files.2 I wanted to keep my calendar user/password credentials in a file, because the to and fro between my Baikal caldav server was generating too many requests for my password....

February 28, 2023 · Mario Jason Braganza

Learnt the Urdu Alphabet

Finally done with learning the Urdu alphabet. Inordinately proud of myself :) Now to go begin, reading slowly and building up my vocabulary. Feedback on this post? Mail me at feedback@janusworx.com P.S. Subscribe to my mailing list! Forward these posts and letters to your friends and get them to subscribe! P.P.S. Feed my insatiable reading habit.

February 22, 2023 · Mario Jason Braganza

Org Mode Subtree Expansion With the Mouse

When I wrote about, ticking off checkboxes in Org Mode, I’d linked to line 101 of org-mouse.el. While I’d read the main summary, I somehow missed line 30 … ;; * subtree expansion/collapse (org-cycle) with the left mouse button Which I accidentally triggered today … After an (accidental) click opens up to … Org Mode continues to delight! Hurrah! Feedback on this post? Mail me at feedback@janusworx.com P.S. Subscribe to my mailing list!...

February 22, 2023 · Mario Jason Braganza

What I Learned Today (14th of February, 2023)

Happy Valentine’s all you lovely people! :) Hugo Upgraded to the latest Papermod theme on the website Devops Installed Fedora in a VM on my machine in order to do Devopsy work Python Learnt about the object() function. If I want an native something to use later, I can always cast to an basic object (x = object()) and use it. Best to use it, when using None would cause ambiguities....

February 14, 2023 · Mario Jason Braganza

What I Learned Today (13th of February, 2023)

Nothing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing! I didn’t feel well today. So I went to bed. Did log my usual weekly, books and fitness entries though.1 Urdu Did the “ain” / “gain” group. Had fun, trying to pronounce the fricative gh (/ɣ/) sound. Emacs Just a little note of gratitude to the community over at Emacslife Me, thinking out aloud in the last part of this section, led to several folks emailing me with kind and encouraging words....

February 13, 2023 · Mario Jason Braganza

What I Learned Today (11th of February, 2023)

Rest day! Not doing much! Emacs It works! Yesterday’s little hack, to clock in and out when I change state works well! It doesn’t seem to have broken anything. Also I added a WORKING state, and tagged my function to that. The clock in and out happen when I switch in an out of the WORKING state. Because I want my parent task to show IN_PROGRESS and the current subtask to be what I am working on....

February 11, 2023 · Mario Jason Braganza

What I Learned Today (10th of February, 2023)

Decided to play hooky today, because I got up reallly late and then I got stuff at home to do. Emacs Since I was playing hooky with my time and attention anyway, I decided to see, if I could tackle this little thing, I wanted to happen with my Org Mode. Everytime I move my TODO status for a task to IN_PROGRESS, I want Org to automatically clock in for me....

February 10, 2023 · Mario Jason Braganza

What I Learned Today (9th of February, 2023)

Regex Started doing regex exercises, so i don’t get bored doing only python. will alternate them for now Using Practice Makes Regexp. I have only the book though. It’s now expanded to include video solutions too. Highly recommend any of Reuven’s courses Set up environment and did one exercise which was to look up the user’s input in a dictionary (a word dictionary. not a programming dictionary) Linux Mint Yesterday’s work was for naught Devops Kubernetes, began doing some exercises Set up the environment today Spoke with a friend about practicing Ansible / Devops stuff Learnt about putting in environment variables into a docker compose file and then using them in a Django container Hugo Diddled with the code element font size on the blog, to make it look a little larger Urdu Learnt about the “tashdiid” symbol that helps add emphasis to a consonant Physical Fitness Nearing the end of my month long journey....

February 9, 2023 · Mario Jason Braganza