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Writing Day 9 – Maths

So far so good.

I’m finally “getting” trig.
Moving on to calculus.
Hopefully once I get through that, I will have time to practice regularly.

Most surprising part; I’m having fun :)

Writing Day 8 – The Art of Thinking Clearly


Started: 2018-03-23
Finished: 2018-04-24

This is not quite book notes, but now with the craziness that is my studies, I don’t have time to write them all down.

I still want to catalogue the fact, that I finished it though.
This is an amazing book, amazing with a capital A

You know you should read the ancients, you know you should read our modern minds, like Taleb and Kahneman and Cialdini and Munger.(You also know you should eat your green leafy vegetables :))

But if you find Taleb waxing too eloquent, Kahneman verbose and dry, Cialdini too long, Munger too abrupt and the ancients not quite accessible, you ought to read this book.

Want to know why to live each day as if it were your last, but only on Sundays?
Or what role survivors bias plays in life? Or why we take on too much? And why you should not accept free drinks?

Read the book to find out.

This is another one of those books where amazing amounts of knowledge is compacted into every cell of every page.1

Must read!

  1. Obligatory Farnam Street review. 

I Look Funny When I Focus


This apparently is my look of intense focus :)
My first husky ride.

And while I did have to focus and hang on for dear life, it was nearly an hour and a half of so much fun.1

And the huskies were the friendliest doggies, I’ve met!

  1. It was a bracing -15°C that day :) 

Writing Day 6

Launching Ships

Public domain image from the Wikipedia Commons

I used to think that starting up learning projects was like teeing up paper boats.

Turns out they’re like launching ships!
I can only do them, one at a time.

Writing Day 5 – Kelton Wright’s Advice On Starting Relationships

I ran across this post on the Neil Gaiman blog yesterday and I’m quoting it in its entirety, crossing my fingers, hoping Kelton Wright won’t mind.

Her advice exudes big sister authority, kindness and clarity all at once, making me wish I read her when I was hurt and confused.

Kelton’s original post is here. She also has a book.

Anonymous asked: Hey. I am a 29 yr old female who for a slew of reasons happens to be completely inexperienced in matters of love/sex. I only just started dating a month ago and while it's going well, I feel overwhelmed by a sense of inadequacy. Like even if something does pan out what could I possibly have to contribute to the relationship? Am I just chasing a pipe dream? Is it too late for me to start looking for love/ sex? Or do I just need to calm the fuck down?

There are approximately 290,000 active commercial airline pilots in the world. Every day, they wake up to whiney kids, sick dogs, aging parents, annoying coworkers, and shitty commutes. Of course they also wake up to great runs, pretty sunrises, home-cooked meals, exotic locations, and trips home. Because they’re people. Normal people, in the grind of life, going to work and going home. And at work, they get to their gate, tick all the boxes, say their polite hellos to their passengers, and move a giant metal fuselage full of strangers 30,000 feet into the air going 500 mph across unexplored oceans of unsurvivable depth.

If someone made you pilot a commercial flight tomorrow, you would have reason to feel overwhelmed by a sense of inadequacy because you would literally be inadequate. You would have nothing to contribute to flying because you would have no idea how to fly a plane.

But you do have something to contribute to a relationship, because you do, in fact, know how to be in them. You, despite your not knowing it, have plenty of training. Right now, you’re in a small but very real relationship with me. You’ve come to me with curiosity, vulnerability, and even a dash of humor. I see that vulnerability and am coming back to you with what I hope is kindness and realism. But I don’t know for sure. I can’t know how you’ll receive this message, how you’ll relate to what I’m saying, or what you’ll think of me after. And that, really, is being in a relationship. Putting yourself out there, trying to be your best self, trying to help people, trying to know someone, and knowing that, sometimes despite all of this, sometimes the relationship you’re trying to forge will fail. That is true when we’re 6 on the playground on the monkey bars, it’s true when we’re 16 negotiating curfews and grades, it’s true when we’re 29 interviewing and flirting, it’s true when we’re 43 reassessing our marriages, it’s true forever.

I get that everyone else feels like an airline pilot, navigating skies out of your reach with flexibility and wisdom. But you don’t have to fly a plane to date. You answer a message. You make a joke. You send a text. You get ignored. You turn someone down. You ask someone out. And at whatever speed you’re comfortable with, you remove whatever literal and figurative layers you’re comfortable with.

You are allowed to feel overwhelmed. Everyone feels overwhelmed when approaching something they literally have no idea how to do. That’s OK. But that’s why we learn. That’s why we take our time but also take chances. That’s why flight school exists. That’s why dating blogs and books and movies and websites and everything else exists. So you can learn to date. Because the truth is, even people who’ve been holding hands on the playground since they were 9 can feel overwhelmed by the world of love. We’ve only written an infinite amount of story around the subject. You could say almost every single human is undone, overcome, and indeed overwhelmed by love and all its facets. And that’s OK. But inadequate? A pipe dream? Too late?

No. Too late is when you’re dead. Show yourself a little forgiveness. Because what you’ve shown me isn’t inadequacy, it’s hope. And really, that’s all you need.

Writing Day 4 – Agatha Christie On Turning Pro


As I was reading David Suchet’s memoirs of his awesome Poirot run, I ran across this awesome Agatha Christie quote, echoing Stephen Pressfield (or actually presaging him …) on turning pro and doing the work.

That was the moment when I changed from an amateur to a professional.
I assumed the burden of a profession, which is to write even when you don’t want to, don’t much like what you are writing, and aren’t writing particularly well.

All that matters, is persistence, slowly inching your way towards your goal; doing the work even when it’s hard and you don’t want to.

Writing Day 3

Have somehow managed to get upto speed with my maths up to standard 10th.

On my way to do more algebra, some geometry and trigonometry.
What folks outside India’d call PreCalculus.

While agebra and geometry are familiar, trigonometry is something I remember almost nothing of.

Time to practice.

Writing Day 2

Finished the Art of Thinking Clearly yesterday. Tried getting into Dennett’s Intuition Pumps, but it somehow put me off.

So switched to Tren Griffin’s Munger book today.
This is a lot more fun.

I wish I had Tren’s ability to look at something complex (such as successful people’s lives) and distill it succintly into something compact, discrete, wise and enormously useful.

Hopefully if I write every day, I’ll get there.

In the meanwhile go to Tren’s blog and learn something new!

An Idea to Get Me Writing Regularly

Cross posting, because I think the idea is important enough for me to have it on both the personal and work blogs


I stuggle to write regularly.

Sometimes, I struggle to write, because I can think of anything to write.
And sometimes, I struggle, because I have a deluge of ideas.

So I want to write this wisp of an idea, before I lose it.
1. If I think it is of any interest to me, I should write it down in my own words.
2. I will not pick up another book, before I write what I think of it, or write down the notes I highlighted.
Even if it’s only a line, I ought to write it down, instead of just using Librarything or Goodreads to say I’ve read it.
3. If I learn it, I should write it.
I’ve already forgotten, how I got an image carousel installed on my personal blog. I should write shit down.
4. Drastically reduce twitter and rss use.
5. Copy Kushal and have a regular weekly cadence.
That’ll give me at least fifty two posts a year.

Well, that’s the idea … written down.

All I have to do now, is do it.