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A Hundred Days of Code, Day 022 - Getting into the Groove

Did the same time as yesterday.
Only about an hour.
Was much more prodcutive though.

Getting the hang of how to sit and program and work through things I do not know.
Gaining a bit of experience with the workflow now.
I have the basics in hand. I know what I want to look up.
So check problem, work a bit, look up, try, fail, repeat, gain incremental success, work some more.
Love the feedback loop too.
With other stuff I try, I have to wait days, weeks, months.
Here, it’s immediate.

Beginning to love the work, as I get more familiar with it.
Tomorrow is another day :)

A Hundred Days of Code, Day 020 - Setting up an Editor for Python Development

Had given myself a day, to see if I could get a good Python development environment using Elpy and Emacs.
It does work.
Just not well enough for me.
At the end of the day today, I was happy I learnt so much about Emacs.
But that is not my focus right now. Python is.
Emacs knowledge can come slowly and organically.

So I have kept Emacs as my regular editor for nearly everything text.
And switched to the community edition of Pycharm for all my Python projects.

I am also grateful to all of you, who gave me problems to practice on.
These will help me grow.

A Hundred Days of Code, Day 019 - Future Exercise Addendum

Ok, think I have the problem of writing code, licked.
Will start with one problem from all the Lerner Courses, that I still have to do.
And another problem, I ask my friends to give me.

This should prove for a promising start.
If you, dear reader, have problems in Python that you’d like me, a budding Python programmer to solve, please mail them to me at jason at this domain.
It’ll add to my pool of problems and give me plenty to practice.