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Posts about photography (old posts, page 4)

Friday Photo – Dead Wood

Dead tree in the sun

in death it had a certain beauty
that almost matched it's life
silhouette upon a sunlit canvas
varicose veins across the sky
it’s gnarled and craggy fingers
forking tributaries unto high
clawing, reaching, fighting
for width, for space, for height
spreading, searching, writhing
in a twisted wave goodbye

– adapted from Dead Wood by sidewalk smudge

Portraits – Alisha

Baby Jane

And time flies…
The little mutt who would chase & hug little dogs outside my home has grown into a smart, beautiful, wonderfully poised woman.

Friday Photo – Flowers in a Field


… I, always looking for that beautiful chance,
to pluck it and make it mine,
to leave all the other fields behind.

A flower so beautiful to a tear came to eye.
At peace I felt but still my soul did cry.
Millions of flowers why this and not other red, greens and blues?
If you must ask, that one flower was always you, only you.

–Flowers in a field, theyoungman


Dear Lord,

Thank you for making this bundle of mischief my better half


And help me always keep her this happy.


Even if it means, I have to wear funny clothes to do that!

And Abby – I love you!