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A Hundred Days of Code, Day 020 - Setting up an Editor for Python Development

Had given myself a day, to see if I could get a good Python development environment using Elpy and Emacs.
It does work.
Just not well enough for me.
At the end of the day today, I was happy I learnt so much about Emacs.
But that is not my focus right now. Python is.
Emacs knowledge can come slowly and organically.

So I have kept Emacs as my regular editor for nearly everything text.
And switched to the community edition of Pycharm for all my Python projects.

I am also grateful to all of you, who gave me problems to practice on.
These will help me grow.

A Hundred Days of Code, Day 019 - Future Exercise Addendum

Ok, think I have the problem of writing code, licked.
Will start with one problem from all the Lerner Courses, that I still have to do.
And another problem, I ask my friends to give me.

This should prove for a promising start.
If you, dear reader, have problems in Python that you’d like me, a budding Python programmer to solve, please mail them to me at jason at this domain.
It’ll add to my pool of problems and give me plenty to practice.