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A Hundred Days of Code, Day 033

Done with an introductory Regular Expressions book.
Picked up an advanced one.

My physio used keep to telling me, that we needed to loosen and pry my hips open to expand my range of motion.

These past few days have been the same, with respect to pattern matching using Regular Expressions. These lessons have been prying my brain open to a new way of thinking about words and characters.

From the way things are going, I think I will be spending the better part of next week on Regular Expressions too.
It’s still hard work, but it’s getting to be enjoyable hard work now.
I need to pace myself better and slow down.
I burnt myself out this week.

Onwards …

Introducing Regular Expressions

Done with Introducing Regular Expressions, by Michael Fitzgerald.
The subtitle, of the book says it all.

Unraveling Regular Expressions, Step-by-Step

Michael is a funny, patient and pithy author.

The book breaks down the basics of Regular Expressions into its components and then walks through explaining them in examples, line by painstaking line.
Any book that uses Coleridge to teach me Regular Expressions is awesome, so I’m biased :)

Definitely worth a read if you are brand new to the powerful world of RegEx.

Python Regular Expressions - Real World Projects

Did this short course to get myself upto speed with Regular Expressions, since the books I was trying to read were not quite doing it for me.
It’s short, sweet and extremely thorough.

After this I don’t quite know regex, but I’m no longer lost at sea.

I’ve now picked up a book and I get what they are talking about now.
The book and lots of practice, should get me to where I want to be with Regular Expressions.
I’m sweating this, because I’ve realised, this is an important skill, I need to have.

Breaking Change to this Website

I rejigged the website today.
I try not to do this often, but sometimes it becomes unavoidable, when I listen to some ineffable voice in my head.
This time, I hived the blog off to a /blog subsection, leaving the site free for any static remodelling that I’d want to do later.

I am trying my darndest to get redirection to work, but so far no joy.
If you are a regular reader of my articles, just add a /blog/ after the domain name with any page you want to access.
For e.g. is now

That’s all the housekeeping for now folks. And thank you for reading!

P.S. Think I figured it out. Most links should work now. If you find something broken, let me know.