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A Hundred Days of Code, Day 017

Finally done with the program!
It’s a tiny little game.
You’re a wizard battling monsters in a forest.

This was really difficult for me to write and understand.
But I kinda do now, and am better off for it.
Totally worth the slog.

I learnt,

  • the basics of object oriented programming
  • how to write classes
  • how to inherit classes
  • the basics of polymorphism

I’d heard of programming ‘paradigms’ before.
OOP was one of the most bandied about terms I’d heard.

And now that I am slowly understanding stuff, it seems more and more to me, that most stuff is nothing fancy.
It’s just a name. It’s just a name, so that you can convey a lot of information to others in just a few words.

And I realise that all these holy wars over paradigms and languages and editors are all just a fool’s errand.

They’re recipes to make stuff.
They are patterns you can use.
They are tools you can use to bring forth your imagination into being.

There are no better or worse languages, paradigms, tools or what have you.1 There is just this thing. And there is that thing. And there is another thing.

Choose what fits you, your mental model and what you think is best for the work you are trying to do, and the people you have to work with.
It’s mostly just common sense.

The code’s here at Gitlab and Github.

  1. I’m sure, there could be stuff that is objectively flawed, but that pales into insignificance over the flame wars I’ve read all these years. 

A Hundred Days of Code, Day 014

Had time, so finished up the app! Hurrah!
Ok, so this makes up for one of my missed days, so I have to do a hundred and one only.

Running the app, downloads some lolcat images from the net, saves them to a folder and then opens up the folder for you to enjoy :)

The last app taught me how to download text over the internet.

This one

  • taught me to download binary data (images in our program)
  • learnt how to detect what operating system runs on my computer
  • learnt how to reach out to the operating systems shell and run commands

The amount of modules that I am now being exposed to is a bit dizzying.
A long term plan, would be to look at the more common ones and study them in depth.1

The code’s over at Gitlab and Github.

I had lots of fun. Onwards!

  1. Kushal has long suggested, I do this. 

A Hundred Days of Code, Day 013

The program is almost done.
Had lots of fun.

Today was the first time, I went over a huge, run – see error – fix error – run again loop. Drove me absolutely batty.
I managed to get it all up and running.
Documentation pending.

Hope to have it all neatly tied with a bow, tomorrow.

A Hundred Days of Code, Day 012

Started up with a new program.
While the last one dealt with working with text on the internet, this one deals with binary data.
The point to go get some images (lolcats) in my case, download them to a folder and display them.

Watched all the videos today.
More tomorrow.