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Posts about daily-programming (old posts, page 9)

Programming, Day 54

Nothing to do today.
Lazy weekend!


  • Daily use of Vim continues. Combining it (for the daily posts at least) with touch typing. Everything is terribly slow! It can only get better from here out :)
  • Completed all of lesson Q1 in gtypist today again. Went faster this time. Confident enough to start Q2, Monday onwards.
  • Learnt how to configure basic authentication on an Nginx site. Feel like I can manage my own stuff now. With this I think, I’ve done my 20 hours of Nginx too :)

Programming, Day 51

Upgraded to Nikola v8, b3 today.
And now, I realise the amount of stress, virtual environments like conda and pip, alleviate.
All I had to do was backup my blog, create a new nikola environment and run it against the blog folder.
And while everything went well, I rested easy knowing that I could get everything back to the way it was :)

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Programming, Day 50

It’s taken me 50 days to somehow figure out a way to study.
I still feel like Sisyphus.
But I realise now, that I have the map. The land isn’t large and unknown as I feared earlier.
I just need to keep my head down and take it step by step.

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