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Programming, Day 48

One way you realise you are making progress is when you realise you’re using the skills you learn elsewhere too.
Finished my duolingo session today with my raw “asdf” touch typing skills. I’m slowly internalising touch typing.
Stil quite aways to go, though :)

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Programming, Day 46

Am really enjoying practicing Vim and Python syntax with my Anki decks.
Will start doing 10 mins of touch typing daily.
My young friends in the DGPLUG irc channel, all seem to have gained wings with their typing speeds.

Given up on the #100daysofcode for now.
Current strategy is to …

  1. Read theory (Lutz)
  2. Practice programs
  3. Ask friends to give me more programs.


  • 2p, Restarting the Lutz book. Got lost.
  • 2.15p, Just realised why I love Vim. Vim makes me want to write.
  • 3.20p, Also realised I’d bought myself a beginner Talk Python to Me, course a while back. I could use this for point 2 above.
  • 6.30p, Two baby apps done.
  • 10.45p, Did chapters 1 & 2 of the Lutz Book.
  • 11p, Did 10 minutes of Gtypist. As you can see below, there’s a lo–oong way to go :P


Learning Aha

I’ve been moaning and bitching the past couple of years about how smart I was in my teens and how I could learn any darn thing I set my mind to, then.

My school grades did not reflect it though.

And these days, my consulting solutions have been top notch, and yet, I struggle to sharpen the saw.

What gives?

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Programming, Day 45

Linode mailed me complaining that average CPU usage was 90% over the past couple of hours!
Culprit turned out to be the headless dropbox client I’d installed the day before.

Lessson learnt.
Switched to periodic rysnc via a cron job.

Nothing else done today.
Still sick as a dog.

Watched a couple of Python tutorials