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Posts about daily-programming (old posts, page 6)

Programming, Day 38

  1. Speed read the PYM book. Kushal covers a vast subject in a really compressed, yet concise way.
  2. Next up to speed read, Lutz’s Learning Python.
  3. Started using Vim as my primary editor. Trying to get fluent.

Programming, Day 31

  • Got back on the Python horse.
  • Using the PYM book to learn along, in the DGPLUG Summer Training.
  • Installed MU.
  • Hanging on for dear life and trying to follow along.

Programming, Day 30, Ansible

I finally got tired of rebuilding my servers from scratch everytime.
It hadn’t troubled me enough to do something about it, until recently.
I got myself a pc to do linux development on and I keep nuking the os and reinstalling.

Rebuilding it over and over was exciting in the beginning and then it sudddenly began to grate on my nerves.

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Programming, Day 29

As you know, I’m struggling to learn programming. The break has done some good.

I realised I’m overthinking this and I should just put my head down and do a little everyday.
I realised the the basic concepts aren’t that many and I just need to get fluent with them.
I just assumed that it was all so vast that I couldn’t wrapt my head around it.

Maybe it is, but everything has a seed.
And the seed it small.
Andf it contains everything the mighty oak, would ever need to grow.

Back in the saddle. Learning Ansible so that I do not have to keep doing things over and over on my box.