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Posts about daily-programming (old posts, page 2)

Programming, Day 19

Sick yesterday. So read lots of NGINX articles on the web.

Feel like I need to be conversant with its directives, considering all the web server slinging I’ve been doing

Programming, Day 18

Moved the home PC to Bionic Beaver.
Set it up so I can ssh into it from outside.

I’m so happy, I now have a powerful machine to actually process work on, instead of my dinky little iPad.

ipad accessing server

Programming, Day 14 — Lauren Ipsum

Since I’ve been having so much trouble grasping the basic fundamentals of coding, I decided to learn from “children’s” books.

Lauren Ipsum has been lying in my library for a while now. Here’s the summary from the introductory pages,

Lauren, a clever girl lost in Userland, applies logic and problem solving skills to find her way home, encountering along the way such concepts as timing attacks, algorithm design, and the traveling salesman problem.

Read more…

Programming, Day 13

I thought Nikola could not schedule my drafts for me, until I realised it actually intuitively did.
(I just had to put in a publish date in the future)

This was the only feature I miss from Ghost. I like to write in batches and queue them up.

This obviously is a letter to future me. (from past me)

If all works well, I’ll be a happy camper.

also I love how nikola new_post -f markdown --tags="daily-programming" -t "Programming, Day " -e lets me just type the title, launches my editor and has everything ready. It always makes me giggle with glee :)

Programming, Day 11

Imported the rest of the posts I wanted into the blog. Hopefully all done now.

Will write and focus on programming and writing now.

Will figure a few modifications to the theme, once I grow more bolder