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How to Think Better

Scott H Young on writing as a tool to sharpen your thinking.

From the article …

First, by jotting down your thoughts on paper, you can hold more ideas than you could in your limited working memory. This means you can more easily work through thoughts that have several parts which are difficult to keep in mind simultaneously.

Second, writing allows editing. If I write down an idea, then later notice a contradiction further down the page, I can go back and edit it. Editing mentally quickly becomes exhausting as, like in the n-back task, the old information interferes with the new.

Third, writing allows for longer thoughts. Have you ever had a conversation where, as you were listening, you forgot the point you were eager to make? Ideas bubble up and pop all the time in our minds, it’s only with writing that you can capture it.

Now that you know why to write, maybe you’re wondering how?

Go on, read the entire post here, to find out.

A Simple Marketing Worksheet

A Simple Marketing Worksheet

  • Who’s it for?
  • What’s it for?
  • What is the worldview of the audience you’re seeking to reach?
  • What are they afraid of?
  • What story will you tell? Is it true?
  • What change are you seeking to make?
  • How will it change their status?
  • How will you reach the early adopters and neophiliacs?
  • Why will they tell their friends?
  • What will they tell their friends?
  • Where’s the network effect that will propel this forward?
  • What asset are you building?
  • Are you proud of it?

“This Is Marketing”, Seth Godin

Au Revoir, BPW

Michel de Montaigne was a year younger than me (thirty eight), when he inscribed this on the wall in his library …

In the year of Christ 1571, at the age of thirty-eight, on the last day of February, anniversary of his birth, Michel de Montaigne, long weary of the servitude of the court and of public employments, while still entire, retired to the bosom of the learned Virgins, where in calm and freedom from all cares he will spend what little remains of his life now more than half run out. If the fates permit, he will complete this abode, this sweet ancestral retreat; and he has consecrated it to his freedom, tranquility, and leisure.

While I am not weary of my service, I am no longer still entire.

You have been witness to the turmoil in my life, the past couple of years and my own physical breakdown the past couple of months.

While you have been ever gracious towards me, I feel I no longer can serve you to the best of my abilities.

And so the time has come for me to say, Au revoir.

I’ve had the good fortune of serving BPW in various capacities ever since its inception. I’ve had the good fortune of working alongside so much bright talent. I’ve had the good fortune to learn from some of the best mentors ever. I’ve had the good fortune to pass on my knowledge too.

What I imagined to be a short term assignment turned out to be a seven year long adventure, full of crazy making, delight and plenty of ups and downs, joys and sorrows. And now that I’m broken, I have to turn my ship homewards and recover. To, Montaigne-like, retire to the bosom of the Muses and spend time in calm and freedom, if only for a short while.

Abbas & Sada, you’ve trusted my judgment You gave me free reign and let me do my own thing. Pretty much what anyone dreams of when they think of work. Thank you for being such amazing folks to work for.

Vinay, you were big brother, tightwad, crazy ass director and generous patron all rolled into one. You gave me so many opportunities to learn and grow. The best thing I could say to you instead of Thank you is that I learned so much! I never had to worry, because I know you always have my back. It’s been a joy working alongside you. I am ever grateful.

Vijay, you’ve been confidant, keeper of secrets, healer of wounds, and a daily source of inspiration. You taught me how to sell. And then you taught me how to lead. And then you taught be how to be a good human. I have no words.

I’ll also take a minute to specially thank baby Bonika, Kuldip, Vaibhav, Dheena, Shini, Tanay and Santosh. I will never forget Bangalore! You trusted me, gave yourselves wholly to me, and did some of the best work of your lives, when you let me serve you as manager. I see you grow now, I see you spread your wings and I feel so proud.

There are far too many folks to mention here and I’m tearing up. I thank you all! I love you all!

To close, I’ll paraphrase Enya and pray we do meet on some other shore …

A thousand dreams you gave to me You held me high, you held me high And all those years you guided me So I could find my way

So let me give this dream to you Upon another shore So let me give this dream to you Each night and ever more