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#100DaysOfCode, Day 001

Getting back to studies.
Putting in the time to do 12th, so won’t have time to do programming.
However programming is the goal, so I commit to putting an hour daily. Whether I finish a project is moot now after so many failures.
Ergo time is the only thing I can measure progress in.

An hour a day. For a hundred days.

Rather than doing something self directed, am following Talk Python’s, #100DaysOfCode in Python.

Today I watched the datetime videos.

That’s Day 1. Done :)

Giving up on self hosting RSS

Been trying too long to host an RSS server that’d work with Reeder.
Too complicated and too janky for me as of now.

For now, I’m happy to let the pros handle it and will happily stick to FeedHQ.

Time will either increase my tech skills or make me content using web aggregators instead of dedicated clients.

Let’s see.