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Writing Day 11 - Maths or Math?

I don’t know.

I grew up saying Maths.
But the world around me is increasingly favouring Math.

I think I’ll stick to Maths and use Math where I think it’s more apt … like when I say [Math Forge][1].


Writing Day 9 – Maths

So far so good.

I’m finally “getting” trig.
Moving on to calculus.
Hopefully once I get through that, I will have time to practice regularly.

Most surprising part; I’m having fun :)

Writing Day 8 – The Art of Thinking Clearly


Started: 2018-03-23
Finished: 2018-04-24

This is not quite book notes, but now with the craziness that is my studies, I don’t have time to write them all down.

I still want to catalogue the fact, that I finished it though.
This is an amazing book, amazing with a capital A

You know you should read the ancients, you know you should read our modern minds, like Taleb and Kahneman and Cialdini and Munger.(You also know you should eat your green leafy vegetables :))

But if you find Taleb waxing too eloquent, Kahneman verbose and dry, Cialdini too long, Munger too abrupt and the ancients not quite accessible, you ought to read this book.

Want to know why to live each day as if it were your last, but only on Sundays?
Or what role survivors bias plays in life? Or why we take on too much? And why you should not accept free drinks?

Read the book to find out.

This is another one of those books where amazing amounts of knowledge is compacted into every cell of every page.1

Must read!

  1. Obligatory Farnam Street review. 

I Look Funny When I Focus


This apparently is my look of intense focus :)
My first husky ride.

And while I did have to focus and hang on for dear life, it was nearly an hour and a half of so much fun.1

And the huskies were the friendliest doggies, I’ve met!

  1. It was a bracing -15°C that day :) 

Writing Day 6

Launching Ships

Public domain image from the Wikipedia Commons

I used to think that starting up learning projects was like teeing up paper boats.

Turns out they’re like launching ships!
I can only do them, one at a time.