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Inessential Turns 20!

From the celebratory post,

Old proverb: “The best time to start a blog was 20 years ago. The second-best time is today.” :)

This is what I want for my blogs to become too.
Not popular, but to have a long active life, full of stuff that inspires me and helps others.

Multiple Slugs for Multiple Webpages in Nikola

Here’s a delightful little thing I discovered, using Nikola today.

As part of a little housecleaning, I wanted to have a single page have two web urls.
As in Books I’ve Read and Books in 2020.
Don’t ask why, my nerdy brain just wants it that way.

And I was thinking of Nginx redirects and other things I could try.
Until I looked up and saw the slug section in the metadata section of my post (the section that I normally turn a blind eye to).
This is what I assume, Nikola uses to generate links.
And I thought hmm, what if?
And at the same time I remembered what Roberto Alsina, the original author of Nikola had encouraged me to do, when I had just started using it to blog.
That he wrote Nikola, so that it would mostly do the logical thing; that I wouldn’t really need to use the documentation (excellent as it is)

So that is what I did then. I put in two slugs each with the unique url I wanted, and sure enough, Nikola generated two web pages from that single source file.

It’s the little things like this, that make me so happy, I use Nikola for my writing.

Got a Pi Hole Running

Been really sick to do anything this past month.
Slowly inching towards getting better.

So thought it would be a good idea to get my brain working, even if slowly.
Safari on my Mac has finally turned into a burning pile of shit.
No extensions allowed.
I hate this neglect of an awesome platform.
And I hate that they are making it into something that nobody wants, except for some fat cat in an ivory tower.
So where was I? Oh yea, no extensions.
Which means no uBlock Origin.
Which basically means Safari for all its speed and efficiency is now as unusable as a dog turd.

Which made be remember the Banana Pi.
It was my feed server.
And then I moved that to another machine.
So the Pi now is a Pi-Hole.
Blocks most garbage.
Works pretty well.
Not uBlock Origin well, but it is definitely a relief to just have something that can serve all my devices at the flick of a switch.

Let’s see how this experiment goes.

On a short break

On a short break.  

The newsletter and the blogs are on a hiatus of sorts, for now.

I have been sick awhile, so I am taking time off, to tend to myself.

Will be back, hopefully soon :)

Gaiman on Writing

The truth is, I think, […] for me inspiration comes from a bunch of places.

(Counting on his fingers …) Desperation, deadlines …

A lot of times, ideas will turn up while you are doing something else.

And most of all, I think, ideas come from confluence.

They come from two things flowing together, they come, essentially from day-dreaming. It’s … it’s something I suspect that’s something that every human being does.

Writers tend to train themselves to notice when they’ve had ideas. Not that they get anymore ideas or get inspired more than anyone else. We just notice. We notice when it happens, a little bit more.

You go,well, you know, everybody knows that if you get bitten by a werewolf, when the moon is full, you will turn into a wolf. You know that.

And then there’s that moment when you’re sitting thinking, so what happens if a werewolf bites a goldfish?

Or what if the werewolf sinks its fangs into a chair? And what if you’re sitting in that chair and the moonlight touches it? Slowly it starts feeling more and more wolfish and it growls and what about the … you know? And oh my god! Then you’d have to set it in the winter, cuz you’d need the snow for people to try and figure out why you’ve got chair leg marks in the snow. By the body. That has its throat ripped out.

And suddenly, you have a story!

The whole video is funny, yet so full of wisdom.

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