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Programming, Day 43

Guess I’ll call it a day, learning Vim.
Done about 16 hours1 of Vim reading and practice.
The rest of the 4 hours will come from daily Vim use now.
Have begun to use it for darn near everything.

Can move about with slight ease and copy & paste with lots of unease.
Practice makes perfect, I suppose.

Plan for the day, since I’m home sick?
Well I’m a gonna swing for the fences and finish the Lutz book.

Will update at night.

P.S. Bonus todo
Got to see if I can do a #100daysofcode run with Python.
If I can, I ought to start.

Update (10.30) – Ok, huge overstimation. Lutz will take time.
Looking at doing Lutz chapters as my #100daysofcode challenge.
Update (11.00) - I like this. talking to myself.
Wonder if I should move Nikola and run it from the server itself, so I can ssh and use it from anywhere?
Update (18.00) - Well, the day was a bust. Slept all day. Did nothing :)

  1. Committing to learning something just for 20 hours to get good enough is easily the best thing I’ve learnt this year! 

Programming, Day 42

- Start doing 20 hours of VIM.
- Finish another Lutz chapter.

Will update progress by days’ end.

2pm. Got myself a VIM Anki deck.


  • Sadly no Lutz today.
  • Practiced Vim all day.
  • Finished Painless Vim.
  • Changed my theme.
  • Recomposed this post in Vim
  • Changed my terminal editor from code to vim, so that all new posts will now be “Vim Powered!”

Programming, Day 40

It’s been 40 days and somehow I don’t feel like I’ve come all that far.
Yet, I know the only way I can make progress is by taking small steps.
Two more chapters done from the Lutz book. Boy, is he thorough!
Will be reading about String Fundamentals today.

Also, ran across this inspirational post yesterday.
This along with Kushal’s (always generous) advice1 that I should start tinkering with stuff, makes me wonder if I should also do the #100DaysOfCode challenge, with Python.
After all, it seems to have done the trick for my writing.
I no longer have writers block :)

Will see if it is doable.
À bientôt!

  1. One of the most altruistic souls I know after my father & VK