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#100DaysOfCode, Day 003

Horrible day.

Could not crack Bite 7.
Did however finally crack Bite 67 after a lot of head scratching.

Have come slowly to the terrifying realisation that I’ve bitten off a whole lot more than I can chew.
Forget thinking Pythonically, I cannot even think programattically.

But then, c’est la vie.

I’ll just put in my hours diligently and let the learning come gradually.

#100DaysOfCode, Day 001

Getting back to studies.
Putting in the time to do 12th, so won’t have time to do programming.
However programming is the goal, so I commit to putting an hour daily. Whether I finish a project is moot now after so many failures.
Ergo time is the only thing I can measure progress in.

An hour a day. For a hundred days.

Rather than doing something self directed, am following Talk Python’s, #100DaysOfCode in Python.

Today I watched the datetime videos.

That’s Day 1. Done :)