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Books I’ve Read

Similar to the personal page, this page helps me keep track of what I read. This is just for the tech books though.


  • Mastering Emacs, Mickey Petersen
    (this book helped me learn emacs. very helpful. good reference)

  • Extreme Programming Pocket Guide, Shane Warden
    (short, succinct, sweet. jargon free. practical. a practitioner’s manual)

  • Python for You and Me, Kushal Das
    (serves as an excellent introduction to someone who wants to learn Python quickly, so that you can get on with doing projects)


  • i want 2 do project. tell me wat 2 do, Shakthi Kannan
    (if you are interested in the floss world, this book is an excellent howto)

  • Lauren Ipsum, Carlos Bueno
    (a really gentle introduction to computer science. ostensibly for kids. even kids like me aged 40 :))