I’ve been raving to my friends about Akimbo and I’m surprised I haven’t written about it here.
It’s one of the reasons, I’m glad I’m alive at a time like this.
There’s no way without modern technology, I could learn from a master like Seth Godin for free!

Akimbo is Seth’s latest project and it’s podcast on all things Seth.
To me, it’s my real life MBA.
They’re weekly, punchy, 20 minute episodes on a topic.

Last weeks episode about Genius was genius.

This week was all about The Long Term.
Ponzi schemes, Bitcoin ponzi ICOs, Mr. Ponzi himself, Whales, Hippos, Fedex, Olive trees, Starbucks and even Superman make an appearance.

Here are a few scambled notes …

  • Emergencies feel like a matter of life or death

  • Every culture in every corner of the globe has adopted the mindset that tomorrow is too late!

    1. We’re impatient and want a quick return on our effort
    2. We want proof. We’re insecure that our effort will pay off
    3. We want excitement!
    4. All three of these create a ratchet, that quickens things up drastically (and on a personal note, makes things overwhelming)
  • Human beings are really shitty at the long run
    If you want prople to take action, you gotta compress it forward.

  • If you want to change the behaviour of a group of people, make it all about the now. Make it urgent, not important.

    • Make it painful and expensive in the moment, if you want to stop them doing something (e.g. hefty taxes of cigarettes)
    • Make it lucrative and fun when you want them to pay attention.
  • Stuff that matters, Mother Nature, everything actually takes a looooooong time.

  • We need to figure out how to build resilient organisations with a mission that goes out further than a week

    • Our mission statement can’t be about market share
    • But about the work that matters
  • Every one of us is capable of doing it

  • There’s a significant advantage to be willing to take a long time, to inexorably evolve bit by bit, day by day, to deal with the Long Run.
    We are capable of of building organizations and companies like this.
    You could use emergencies to our advantage, create positive ratchets.
    Drip by drip, day by day, we change the culture.

Don’t forget to catch the show notes for each episode. They’re delightful.
And yes, go subscribe!