Artemis Book Cover

Started: 2018-05-07
Finished: 2018-05-10

Done with Artemis.
If you like sci-fi well told, if you liked the Martian, you’ll love Artemis.

I did audio this time and was in for a pleasant surprise.
Rosario Dawson reads the book. Yes. That Rosario “Badass” Dawson!

And of course, she makes for a badass narrator too.
Listening to her go, “Shit! Shit! Shittity Shit!” is a hoot.

Instead of a solo guy stranded on Mars, this one is all about the first lunar city (the titular Artemis) with it’s settlement domes and loads of intrigue

Andy Weir opts for a heroine this time and Jazz Beshara is badasser than Watney ever was. (aah, which is why they got Dawson to narrate, natch)

I wish he’d put more drama into the endings though. They always wind down properly and logically.

Totally worth your time time.