GRRM in his latest not-a-blog-post, references this video on the two types of authors, he lumps writer-folk into.

Just like him, I try to structure and outline what I write, I really do, and just like him, I can do it fairly ok, and still never really enjoy the process.

I never quite understood why, until I realised I was a gardener.
This also helped me understand, why the recent move to the Zettelkasten process is helping me write without the stress that I previously used to encounter when I attempted writing something even a teensy bit long or complex.

Like he says, I know what I want to write about, a tiny bit of structure helps.
But the trick is in the syntopical thoughts, the seeds that germinate and the cross pollination of words and ideas and the thrilling uncertainty of waiting for my plants to take root and to see, in time, what comes of what I sow.

One of my favourite authors thinks and writes, just like I do.
The only thing that I need to become so good that I cannot be ignored is to show up and do the work and tend to my garden.

Today, reading GRRM reminded me of my Zettelkasten, which needs regular tending, which reminded me of Cal Newport’s ideas on slow productivity and showing up daily and whose book on being great was inspired by Steve Martin, all of which led me to writing this post.
This is where my garden path led me today!

Showing up daily to tend my garden!
This is liberating.
This is … freedom!

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