Nothing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing!
I didn’t feel well today. So I went to bed.

Did log my usual weekly, books and fitness entries though.1


  • Did the “ain” / “gain” group.
    Had fun, trying to pronounce the fricative gh (/ɣ/) sound.


  • Just a little note of gratitude to the community over at Emacslife Me, thinking out aloud in the last part of this section, led to several folks emailing me with kind and encouraging words.

    • Jon Snader mentioning yours truly on Irreal
      It gives me a slight thrill everytime, he boosts one of my posts (as I’m sure all the others do too!)
    • M— generously shared a link to the Bernt Hansen’s awesome Orgmode post as well as reassuring me, they did the same thing as I :)
    • D— had this to say, Lean in on it and be comfortable “borrowing code”. Many of us do it. As long as you understand it, it should be fine. […] The gains obtained from not having to cold-start from zero are worth considering.
  • Thank you all very much. Makes me happy when I realise, I’m not shouting into the void and that I’m a part of a warm, welcoming group of kinfolk.

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  1. What? You don’t follow me on the fediverse? You totally should! ↩︎