Rest day! Not doing much!


  • It works! Yesterday’s little hack, to clock in and out when I change state works well! It doesn’t seem to have broken anything.

  • Also I added a WORKING state, and tagged my function to that. The clock in and out happen when I switch in an out of the WORKING state. Because I want my parent task to show IN_PROGRESS and the current subtask to be what I am working on. Like so …

*** WORKING Learn about Org
*** TODO Write about what you learnt

  • Here’s an image of an actual task …
  • Except for one more thing.1
    When I switch another task to WORKING, it does clock me out of the old task, but it leaves the TODO state at WORKING. I want the old task to switch to WAITING. I’ll look at doing this as soon as I get some breathing time.


  • Spoke to a friend about some how and what and why for close to an hour
    Helped me clear my mind lots!


  • Did “toey” and “zoey”

  • Did I mention three letters for the same S sound yesterday?
    Ha! Z has four! Zaal, Ze, Zuaad & Zoey

  • Also tutor’s note:

the word “zan” (ज़न) when written with ‘zoey’ means “presumption” whereas, the same word, when written with a ‘ze’ instead, means “woman”.

  • Which means? Lots of practice and reading ahead :)
    Also coming from the madness that is English, I keep telling myself, this is not so bad 😂
    Like Lizzo doing crack.

Physical Fitness

Rest day!


  • The meta need / theme of learning and working, as I am doing now, is that I need to work to a time budget
    • Here’s the problem, try and solve it in an hour (or whatever time I budget)
  • I need to have no shame if I cannot get it done
  • I need to ask for help / look up solutions faster
  • I also need to budget the time to understand the solutions.
    • If I cannot fix it one day and the solution is taking time to “get”, be ok with spending time the next day
  • It’s just me. There is no one else. There is no need to pressure myself more than necessary.
  • Work to the spec. Generalising (at least for now) is taboo. Now, I understand what my friends tell me about me perfectionism. I keep spending way too long about what if this? and what if that? I need to get something working first. Refine / expand / refactor it later
  • Get better at logging times
  • Get better at taking breaks between tasks
  • Writing these logs has helped gain insight and understanding. I need to keep at it. It’ll help with the “what now? what next?” questions

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  1. Getting greedy, aren’t I? :) ↩︎