• Started doing regex exercises, so i don’t get bored doing only python. will alternate them for now
  • Using Practice Makes Regexp. I have only the book though. It’s now expanded to include video solutions too. Highly recommend any of Reuven’s courses
  • Set up environment and did one exercise which was to look up the user’s input in a dictionary (a word dictionary. not a programming dictionary)

Linux Mint

  • Yesterday’s work was for naught


  • Kubernetes, began doing some exercises
  • Set up the environment today
  • Spoke with a friend about practicing Ansible / Devops stuff
  • Learnt about putting in environment variables into a docker compose file and then using them in a Django container


  • Diddled with the code element font size on the blog, to make it look a little larger


  • Learnt about the “tashdiid” symbol that helps add emphasis to a consonant

Physical Fitness

  • Nearing the end of my month long journey.
  • Have gotten over the pain hump, but the personal trainer isn’t quite sympatico with my needs. He’s a good egg, but we seem to be talking past each other. Wonder what to do when my time is up mid week next.
  • Did legs today. Went well. Jogged 10m after. Walked 30m after that.

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