Don’t know if it’s the gym or the regular work beat, but I seem to be waking up later and later everyday. I don’t know what to do about this. I feel a little anxious about not having enough hours in the day.


  • Why use comprehensions? Because it reads better.
    Like I advice the young ones in DPGLUG on writing.
    Write short, choppy sentences.
    They read better.
  • With my problem sets …
    • I should stop trying to generalise in advance and solve the specific problem first.
    • Read stuff carefully. Don’t do more than is necessary
    • Solutions take time to understand too. Budget the time

Linux Mint

  • Nemo, the file browser in Linux Mint always opens the home directory, when I click on it and there’s no apparent way to change it to a preferred directory. I want it to always open Downloads
  • A little bit of web spelunking led to an acceptable work-around.
    1. Right click the main menu button
    2. Click Menu => Open the menu editor => Accessories
    3. Then click Files in the items from the right and click Properties further right
    4. Change the command form nemo %U to nemo Downloads
      And that does it!


  • 2023-02-09: Does not work. Will look for some other approach. Right now, with the workaround it opens a Downloads window alongside any other folder I click on 😂


  • Added a plain, hamburger menu to this blog, using Aditya’s helpful instructions over on the PaperMod Discord.
  • With all the extra nav items, I’ve added to the header the menu would overflow on my iPhone (and probably on other folks’ phones too). So if this page scooches narrow enough, it will change the links on top to a plain menu.

Huginn / RSS

  • I often have sites that have no RSS feeds, but they’re still interesting enough to me that I want to keep tabs on them for anything new.
  • While I wrote a tiny program to scrape and generate a custom RSS feed to get my Poetry fix, I needed something more robust, if I wanted to do this with lots of sites.
  • I realised that my Huggin instance could do that for me. Huginn is documented pretty well, that even a slowpoke like me, could figure out a fix for himself, inside an hour
  • I also learnt something fun. How do I choose a specific, nested, div on the page when all of them are similarly named? By using the power of XPath! I found it to be a more robust way of picking something from a web page, compared to its alternatives.
  • It’s also pretty easy to at least get a basic XPath selection. Just inspect your element in your browser’s web inspector and a right/context click should normally give you the option to copy a link as an XPath. Getting to an href link in the div I wanted, led to something like /html/body/div[1]/div[1]/div/div/div/main/div/div[1]/div/header/h2/a/@href and BAM! I got the link!
  • This solves a really big problem for me. So once again, I’m pretty chuffed today as well :)


  • Got done with the “siin” group of letters today.
  • It is getting more and more confusing to read, but I’m sure I’ll slowly get over it with practice.

Physical Fitness

  • More Cardio today
  • I’ve gotten comfortable doing an hour of active cardio at around 160, without worrying that my heart would burst. Now to focus on doing the same hour at a slower heart rate, over time.
  • The pain’s almost gone. Let’s see what the coming days hold.

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