Yesterday, took a lot out of me.
Took it easy today.


Got today’s assignment done well in time; and then went out looking for better ways to write it over again.
Writing code is getting exciting now. Just like how I learnt to write in my teens.
Write. And then go figure out, how I’d do it better.


Spent a coupla hours doing some busywork for A Thing; that if it pans out will be a good thing for me.


Did “chhoTii ye”, “ba.Dii ye” and “chhoTii he”.
Aamozish says, I’m done with the alphabet.1
Pretty chuffed with myself :)

Physical Fitness

Did an hour of cardio today.
My body seems to have gotten over the hump of all that pain.
Hoping I’m not speaking too soon, though.
If this keeps up, getting weight training to be a habit will get easier.

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  1. with the exception of a few, infrequently used sounds ↩︎