Everything went to hell in a handbasket today.
Time was short.
I got up late.
I forgot, I had physio.
So most things got slightly abbreviated or dropped.


Did not complete my assignment.
Flunked it again.
But on the plus side, those 45 minutes were some of the hardest thinking and iterating, I have done in weeks. So there’s that.
And on the plusser1 side, I am proud of having stopped and then looked for help.
That was my biggest learning for the day.


  • I need to write about what I actually did in another post.
    But I created a custom Table of Contents for my Reading page, by hacking my theme’s template and layout. It was fun.
    Long story short, the theme has the ability to create a table of contents by reading all the headers elements in the page. I restricted it to just the H1 and H2 elements.2


  • Did the “vaao” group of letters today

Physical Fitness

  • Did gym and basic physio for my back.
    Wiped out!

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  1. Yes, that is the technical term for even more ↩︎

  2. It would have gotten too unwieldy otherwise ↩︎