A week in! Woohoo!


  • Exercised with dictionaries today.
  • Today was the first time, I could not solve my assignment, no matter what I tried.
  • Lessons learnt:
    • Stick to a schedule and do hard stops, since Python is only a small part of what I want to learn
    • Learn to quit sooner. I’m like a dog with a bone, when it comes to problems. This approach may have helped me in the past, but it hinders me a lot, when writing code.


  • Did the ‘re’ group of letters
  • Exercised with the ‘re’ and ‘daal’ groups
  • I’m learning the alphabet, using the wonderful Aamozish website, in case you folks have been confused about what I was doing with the language.


  • Watched Webhooks for Beginners
    Sooner or later, I want to customise my dinky little Huginn instance to do a lot more.
    This’ll come in handy then.

Physical Fitness

  • Today was the first day, gym felt a wee bit normal.
    Hope this positive phase continues …


  • I seem to have got into a good work rhythm.
  • Next step seems to prioritise my work and do more of what is needed, to get me a devops job.

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