Slightly distracted day, today compared to the rest of the week before.
Well, c’est la vie.


  • Read about functions, key functions, and asterisks
  • Practiced list comprehensions and dictionary lookups
  • Learnt and practised some, about decimals and rounding up


  • Devops-ish? Upgraded the BIOS of my desktop to the current the latest available version. I was on v1.5, when I had last done it in July ’21. Now I am on v1.9 from November last year. Fixes plenty of vulnerabilities.
    While I got to know of it last eve, I did not upgrade then, because I wanted my mind fresh and attentive while I did this. I have bricked enough PCs and handhelds in my misspent youth and I cannot risk killing my daily driver to tiredness.
    What do they call it now? UEFI firmware?1


  • Learnt the ‘daal’ group of letters
  • Today was also the first day, I realised reading right to left is becoming intuitive.
    I read “Daataa”2 in Urdu and went to check if I was correct by trying to read the English, and was wondering why they nonsensically called it “aataad”, until my brain switched back to Latin and reading left to right 😂

Physical Activity

  • I hope gym gets easier, because I am getting crankier about the pain by the day.
  • The better half says I sustained much more pain with physio and bore it longer and more stoically when I broke my back in 2017. Well, that was my body doing it to me and I had no control over it. Right now, I am doing this to myself, ergo the crankiness. I know this is good for me in the long run. Does not stop me from hating the process and its repercussions right now. I’m getting old and grumpy.

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  1. Dell seems to be old fashioned like me. They still call it the BIOS. ↩︎

  2. God ↩︎