Been knocked down a little too much over the past few months.
This is me, getting up from my knees.

Doing some things daily to learn.
To give myself grace
To be kind to my self.

Python Morsels

Getting back into the swing of writing code.
Today was basically just looking at a blank screen and wondering why nothing would come out.


Started with module one of Rekhta’s wonderful Aamozish.
I hope to have read at least one Urdu book by the end of the year.

Physical Activity

Went to the gym. Worked with a kindly trainer, who understands my pain and then keeps telling me about all the good things “one”1 needs to do. I have no legs.2
I hope I get used to this soon.


Worked with a colleague. Trying to create a presentation.


This is something I barely spend 5 minutes on.
But I do it daily.
The only reason I mention it here, because today is Day 100 of showing up.

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  1. There is no “one”. It’s all specific to me 😂 ↩︎

  2. I do in fact, have legs. It’s just that the gym session killed me. Well, I am in fact alive. I am just prone to hyperbole. ↩︎