Every evening, after my shutdown ritual, I move my current day’s branch to the bottom of my Org Mode file, so I begin the next day at the same fixed place, at line 36.1

The day is done; moving it to the bottom of the pile

Every time I move though, it goes there and sits, right next to the last branch, instead of under it. So I would grumble a bit, and then go hit the return key as required, to get it all right and proper. And I’m tired, so at least one time out of three, I mess the older day too, and then I grumble even more and fix that too.

Where it sits awkwardly

Until today morning, when I realised I had not done my fix the day dance, yesterday…
And the day was correctly positioned at the bottom!
So, was this was just a purely cosmetic issue?!
I tried it with a couple of test days.
I saved, closed, and opened up my file. Fixed!
Then I tried some more tests days and I expanded all my tasks Shift-Tab and and closed them. Fixed! 🙂

Yay! The Org Mode elves fixed it!

I guess, I have to go find something else to be grumpy about now 😂

Update: 2023-11-27

A friend on the fediverse, encouraged me to try filing a bug report with the Org folk.
To which I retort, this is more a PEBKAC problem, than an Org Mode problem.
Most likely I am doing something dumb or I have something misconfigured, or some of my Org helper packages (Org-contrib, Org-ql, Org-Web-Tools, Org Superstar) are trampling over one another.

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