Update: fixed Github link

The little script I wrote in 2020, to get me my daily poetry fix, died a couple of months ago.
Life got in the way of me, figuring out what was wrong.

I finally got around to it today.
A little bit of peeking under the hood revealed that Cloudflare did not like me using the Python Requests library to check the Poetry Foundation page.
Or maybe it just did not like the useragent string that Requests gave it.
I was in no mood to go down that rabbit hole, so I just went looking for modern alternatives to Requests.
Found HTTPX.1 and switched over to it.2
And then while I was at it, replaced PyRSS2Gen with FeedGenerator.

And tada! Poemfeed lives again!
Find the updated code, over on Github.

Writing code today, made me realise, how far I have come since I wrote that code.
I figured out the issue, I knew just how I wanted it to work, I went out, researched the code, and then wrote and iterated over the code and got it working in a matter of hours.
Kushal was right.
Writing lots of shitty code, over and over and over again is the best way to get fluent.
Here’s to more contributing and lots more of writing code!

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  1. which delightfully, has a Requests compatible API ↩︎

  2. and to be sure, changed the userstring, so that my script presented itself as Firefox ↩︎