Dear Sir,

I read your post yesterday, and for the first time, in the really long time I have been reading your blog, you genuinely shocked me a little bit.

The post seemed a little out of sorts and a little down to me. As if, you were really doubting your worth as a teacher

For a little bit, I was back in school, to when my teacher’s “Teacher” mask would slip a bit & I would get a glimpse of the person beneath.

You say, all learning is caught, but what drops of water will I catch, or run around under, if a fountain does not rain down on me?

I am a prime example of the student you speak of. I am a smart alec, autodidact. The teacher does not matter, since I can find everything online and I can teach my self vitually anything, I put my mind to.

Or can I?

And to me, Sir, the answer is No.
That’s because I have been fortunate enough to have people in my life who have taught me so well, that I cannot imagine life without what they did for me.

  • Maria Barrot, taught me English & persistence.
  • Sunil Varma, taught me Digital Electronics & the importance of always learning.
  • The two principles, I do my consulting with, made me worldly wise
  • Manish Chauhan of Jago Investor, ostensibly taught me how to get out of debt, but was actually teaching me how to help people and how to be a more giving person.
    Goddammit Manish, put an ‘about us’ on your site. I hate linking to Linkedin! :P
  • My parents!

And finally an old guy called P V Subramanyam who says he makes smart people richer.

I found you because Manish kept linking to your articles.
I stayed because you tease, insult, joke, criticize, poke, but hey you also teach.
If it sounds like you said that, you did :)
But to me, the most important fact is that you stay real. You are yourself – honest, true, transparent with no agendas, save self improvement :)
You taught me money is not the end all and be all of life, but that improvement is holistic.
And most importantly, you goad me into thinking for myself and you taught me how to reflect.

So while, some might copy a few words here and there, they can never be you.
And while I might learn something specific from somewhere, nothing can ever replace the love and attention and the wealth of knowledge, a good teacher can shower on you.

You are a teacher, not because you “teach”, but because that’s just who you are.
You are not only my Dronacharya, you are also my quirky [Mr. Chips] ( :)

Stay the same, Sir! And thank you so much, for all you do.

With the best of regards,

I remain,
Your humble student.

06/09/2014 - edited for clarity, because I just landed up as a post on Subra’s blog!