This post is specially for my young brood.

My younger brothers. My cousins. My sisters & brothers in law. The young kids I work with. I’m specially speaking to all you guys.

If you think you need, even the slightest idea on why or how to invest and why planning for retirement now is important go watch this, like right now

Then get one of those fancy shmancy youtube downloaders, download the videos and keep them safe and then watch them again whenever you get antsy with your money.

If you wonder why you should listen to that old fogey speaking, read this. And then go, begin reading his blog everyday.

And as to the guy, who organized these videos, let’s just say I’m a Big Fan. Read his blog daily too!

Like they say, when the disciple is ready, the Master will appear. This rings so true for me, personally. I’m lucky to have Subra & Pattu do their evangelism at a time, when I went looking for answers. I’m even luckier that they are so generous with their time & money & spirit!

So, go watch them videos, now. These couple of hours will change the way you think about your financial life.

And to the oldies, this applies to you too! Besides you can pass it on to your young ’uns!

Here’s the link in bold -

And to Pattu & Subra, if you get that book out, I’m buying 10 copies :) And a big Thank You for all you do!